January 30, 2012

At Frodo’s Parting

Posted in Grief at 6:26 am by Teresa Roberts Johnson

There is no way of going back,
For time divides just there,
At “with you” and “without you.”
And without you, days are black
With grief, bowed down with care,
Our tears too many, joys too few.

We rest in hope, for your most grievous wound
Has now been healed; you’ve been restored
To walk in light and never lose the day.
The Witch-King’s blade intended doom
But only freed you from the horde
That pressed you sorely on the way.

We struggle on here in the shire
To tend our gardens and to live
In light of the example that you set
Of sacrificial love and purpose higher
Than this vain world can ever give,
Of kindness shown to all you met.

So go in peace, dear Frodo,
And your smile will light our path
Until our journey ends with you.
Then on, rejoicing, we will go,
Set free from Mordor’s cruel wrath,
To dwell where all things are made new.

Copyright © 2012 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

God’s peace to all who grieve the loss of someone dear. The treasure we’ve been given in these frail earthen vessels will endure the ravages of sin and death, but only because the Son has come to die and rise again. Glory be to Him for making all things new.

Written 28 February 2008.

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