January 1, 2013

The Traveler

Posted in Bridegroom, Hope, The Church at 11:48 am by Teresa Roberts Johnson

I tried to forge ahead along the rocky road,
But my spirits fell with every feeble stride.
The more I raised my pace, the more my progress slowed.
And growing tired, I searched for somewhere safe to hide.

As I abandoned hope, another traveler appeared.
Her joy and confidence soon took me by surprise.
Why were her steps so sure along a road uncleared?
How could she view this path with such courageous eyes?

She greeted me with kindness I had never known
And though not weary sat down to commune with me.
“Why do you struggle so? Why is your strength o’erthrown?
Oh, wait, I see the problem and will set you free.”

“You have one foot lodged in the quicksand of the past,
And burdened thus you’ll never get to higher ground.
Throw off regrets; accept the Savior’s yoke at last.
Allow your path with grace and mercy to be crowned.”

She pulled me up and bade me join her happy ranks.
That’s when I realized that she was not alone.
A multitude of rescued travelers offered thanks
For one more soul the Bride of Christ could call His own.

Copyright © 2013 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

Again, not a deep poem needing intense explanation. This is my love song to the Church, which has been my lifeline more than once. One point that should be obvious is that the Church should be out seeking weary travelers, not just sitting in an ivory tower. That is the significance of the title.

On 29 September 2012 I jotted down the phrase “Living with one foot in the quicksand of the past” and identified this as the definition of regret. I’m happy to say this is my first poem of the new year. May God grant His Church the joy and courage to bind up many brokenhearted in 2013 and beyond.


  1. Matthew said,

    I love this poem. It is beautiful, and it is so easy to picture and visualize.


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