April 27, 2014

Sonnet of the Restless Dove

Posted in Spiritual Warfare, The Church, The Eucharist at 11:48 pm by Teresa Roberts Johnson

Sent forth to find a pleasant dwelling place
She spread her graceful wings and soared away
Both far and wide she searched, yet found no trace
Of unsoaked ground day after weary day.
Finding no place to rest her foot, she flew
Back to the safety of the blesséd Ark
To be restored, her vigor to renew.
For as long as judgment waters left their mark,
The appointed refuge was her home secure.
While we traverse this earth much plagued by sin,
Let our feet find no rest in its allure.
May we return unto Your Ark again:
Your Holy Church, where we would be content
To feast upon your Word and Sacrament.

Copyright © 2014 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

I had another poem in mind to write today, based on the Gospel reading from this morning, but the idea of the restless dove crowded it out. Perhaps it was the torrential rain that started me thinking about the dove that was released from the Ark, only to return because she could find no rest for the sole of her foot (Genesis 8:9). There is scriptural basis for seeing the Ark as a type of the Church (I Peter 3:20-21, for example), and St. Augustine makes this connection as well. Church architecture bears this out also; the large area where the congregation sits is known as the nave, or ship.

So tonight as I sit writing after today’s storms, some of which have taken lives in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and as I await a new wave of thunderstorms and the possibility of tornadoes, I thank my heavenly Father for the protection of the Church against the storms of life. I also thank Him for sending the Holy Dove, His Spirit, to draw me back to His Church for rest and refreshment.


  1. Peter and Aphra said,

    How beautiful . . . Love in His Name, Aphra


    • Teresa Roberts Johnson said,

      Thank you, dear friend!


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