September 12, 2017

Joy in the Mourning

Posted in Grief at 6:50 am by Teresa Roberts Johnson

Sometimes my prayers become a cloak.
I clutch them close around my heart
So that the rain of tears won’t soak
The landscape where you worked your art.
And then at times they are a shield
Defending me from all who scorn
A love that cannot be concealed,
A soul that cannot help but mourn.
They are a helmet large and strong
To keep my memories in line.
For I must live where I belong,
Pursuing duties that are mine.
Through prayer I seek the loving face
Of God, the blessed Trinity,
Who through great loss has offered grace
To mourners, and has set us free.

Copyright © 2017 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

Dedicated to all who mourn this day, and praying that their hope will be renewed.


  1. Debbie Teel said,



  2. Fr. Stephen Stults said,

    Lovely and poignant….


  3. Beautiful, Teresa. Thank you for sharing this intimate portrait of grief and love. Marjorie Fowler


  4. Amen! Well written. Curtis


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