About the Entries

I’ve been writing poetry sporadically for over twenty years now, but the bulk of my work as of 2011 was written during my time at Cranmer Theological House. I’m not so much a poet as a writer who writes poetry, and I’m not so much a writer as a re-writer. I’m constantly changing a word here or a phrase there, and sometimes changing them back, sort of like an uncertain interior designer changing window treatments. In many cases, I’ve retained the various versions of the poems and can re-create the thought process behind the changes. If you should choose to spend your time in such a boring pursuit, feel free to read each entry in its entirety, as most of the earlier ones will consist of three parts, the poem, the theological/scriptural basis for it, and anything I know about the place in my life from whence the poem gurgled up to the surface of my brain and said, “Write me!”

If that statement makes you a bit nervous, then I’ve done my work. That’s a writer’s job. And if I were truly a poet, it would be my job not only to make you nervous but to make you see the world differently, or more importantly to lift a corner of the veil and show you things about eternal verities you didn’t even know were there.

Squint if you must when you read these pieces, but don’t wake up day after day and see the world as you have always seen it. God is making all things new. Don’t miss seeing the glory of His handiwork.

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