October 6, 2013

Dragon Death

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Let us have done with talk of crossing Jordan,
Or of travel to an undiscovered land.
Nor shall we speak of lowering the final curtain
Upon a play that lasted our life’s span.
For though we dress it up in pretty phrases,
Death is a dragon waiting for us all.
Upon each life the fell beast sits and gazes,
And over every pleasure casts his pall.
Yet there is hope, for Death has not the last word
O’er Him who died yet lives forevermore.
Though crumbling bodies for a season are interred,
Redeemed souls to the heavens soar.
The dragon’s pounce obliterates our darkness,
For Light engulfs the sleeper when he wakes.

Copyright © 2013 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

August 2, 2013


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Black-eyed Susans peering through the chain-link fence
Divert my eyes from razor wire that looms above.
Unlike the well-armed guard, alert to every threat,
Their faces are alight with memory and hope.
For flower-beauty graced this place before
This fence was built and tanks assembled here,
And their soft splendor will withstand war’s ugly gaze
Until the time when swords become plowshares.
Even in death their eyes drop seeds that wait for spring
To shower them with the sky’s sweet tears,
Which blend with warming earth to coax new life,
New beauty, from the barren battlefield.
They bud, then bloom, diffusing calm amid the fray
And offering themselves as healing balm.
Their incense rises in the cruelest summer heat;
Their pollen nourishes a host of butterflies.
These blooms, untutored in the deadly art of war,
Prefer the art of peace and lavish loveliness.

Copyright © 2013 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

I have been pondering what it is like to live on this earth, where such incredible sadness can be countermanded by the beauty and promise that lives within a flower. I have referenced no specific Scripture within the poem other than Isaiah 2:4, but if you cannot see Christ in a Black-eyed Susan’s face, then nothing I can say will help you.

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