December 3, 2011

Advent Anthem

Posted in Advent, Holy Spirit, Son of God, The Trinity at 11:18 am by Teresa Roberts Johnson

In contests of the gods before the Son appeared
How could men know that only One was to be feared?
In days of devastation large, when mountains shook
And rivers ran with blood, where could men look?
Was there a sovereign Lord who reigned on high?
Did Someone watch with love, and how could He draw nigh?
When kingdoms flourish for a while, then fall
To rise no more, how can we hear the constant call
Transcending earthly kings and all dominions strong?
Oh listen, pilgrim, to the Right, which shall undo all wrong.
The changeless presence of the great I AM.
The witness of the righteous, risen Lamb.
The Holy Dove by whom the Church is knit.
Hear now the Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Copyright © 2011 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

One of my favorite Old Testament accounts is found in I Samuel 5, where we read that the Philistines have “captured” the Ark of the Covenant. Of course, they would not have had any success if God Himself had not allowed them to do so, but they thought their lifeless, bloodless god had won the victory. What I love most about the Advent season is that it is our opportunity every year to herald the truth that God has come, that He is coming, and that He reigns supreme! Transcendent and immanent, He is God alone, and He has taken human form to set us free.

But I also love the sense of anticipation that the Advent season brings to the heart of the Christian. More than any other liturgical season, it emphasizes the constant longing that is our lot as pilgrims and strangers on this earth. We live in the “already but not yet” time. We are redeemed but have not fully been brought into all that it means to be redeemed. Yet the presence of the Trinity provides the meaning and purpose, the beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega not just to our personal lives but to all of human existence. For although He has broken into human history, He lives above it; otherwise, He could not save us. Blessed be His name!

This is a new work, written today, 3 December 2011. I started thinking about this concept about three weeks ago as I began to prepare for Advent, which in itself is a time of preparation. It occurred to me that in ancient history, each nation would claim that its god was supreme. But in all cases, the god was blissfully exempt from all harm (that’s why it was such an affront for God to tump over Dagon and cause the statue to appear to be worshiping the Ark and then to have pieces broken off!). Our God, who is Love, transferred all danger to His only Son, so that we might be saved. What other god would do that? That’s right, there IS no other god!

A blessed Advent to you, as we wait patiently for the coming of the King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

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